Monday, April 11, 2011

Weeell...This is embarrassing O.o

I look like a freakin' Chipmunk! I'm in A & P on Jasmine's laptop because, for some reason, my internet is NOT Working! Today was good, left my phone at home, but thank goodness i got a ride from DAUGHTER JUDEH and we got it! Thank ya ma'am (:  My tummy hurts, i think that means its time to eat! I might be able to drive to school tomorrow if my dad thinks i will be in good condition too! I hope I will be. Well only about 10 minutes left till fourth period and after that LUNCH!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! 

Weeelllll.....Gotta go BYE (:


  1. you didn't even mention my name! I WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE YOU THE RIDE, FOOOOL.

  2. Ha, i was sort of in a rush because i was using jasmine's laptop and only had like 5 minutes left in class..ill change it right now so you will be happy (:

  3. Hahahaha, you look adorable as a chipmunk!!